Monday, August 5, 2013

Betting195 Gives $25 Bonus On New Members!

Betting195 rewards you $25 by signing up on the site without any deposit required. As soon as you have completed the signup sheet and have submitted identification requirements, $25 gets credited to your account in a jiffy.
You must be wondering what to do next when you have the money in the account. Of course, you can start checking the best odds they can offer and place your bets. Now, question is, “How would I get my money?”.

It is very simple. You can visit the cashier lobby on the site and just follow the directions. Currently, Betting195 is using Moneybookers and Neteller as their merchant services. If you have accounts in any of these financial services then it will be much easier to withdraw your money. However, before making any cash outs, you have to calculate the wagering requirements first and once you reached them plus your Neteller or Moneybookers accounts has been validated then Betting195 will process your withdrawal within 24-48 hours. As for other means of withdrawals like bank accounts or other merchants, of course they have their own timeframe as to when the cash reaches your bank accounts. You can refer to your bank’s guidelines and the respective fees as well if there are any.

Betting195 has come all the way to introduce its great deals to Aussie punters since they started operations May 2013 in Manila, Philippines. Now, this deal of getting $25 is like a magnet, attracting tons of punters out there. Why? Signing up is very easy like it takes you just a few minutes and anybody can signup. However, since this is a promo, this only applies to Australia and New Zealand residents only. Then you will be given your $25 free bet. If you haven’t received them yet, just send them an email and they will respond to you in 1-3 minutes! With this demand, for sure punters expect the credit right away but given the fact that Betting195 is giving it for free, account validation is necessary to avoid fraud. Some people get frustrated after sign up and want to get the money in an instant but the key here is to be patient. If you’re thinking it’s a scam, feel free to check Sports195 Facebook account and see how many punters got their $25 free and have withdrawn cash without any problem because they are members who followed the terms and conditions of the promo.


  1. Promo is back after the ANZPT Queenstown Event. Jonathan Bredin's luck or destiny as the champ of this tournament. Find out more on

  2. i have 700 dollars in this site but cant acess it anymore. any idea why?

    1. Hi Sarabjit! I can let them check on that for you. You can email me your username so we can take a look what's going on. Cheers!

    2. Hi Sarabjit. The site has been having a technical difficulty wherein access in Australia and UK are affected. I heard the site is now up again.